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Beechwood Advisory Group, Inc (BAGI) has a set of services designed to aid their clients in true business improvement.  While many other firms tout IT software as the answer to most business needs, BAGI feels that IT enablers are but one of three critical facets of business. This focus on the entire business helps BAGI stand apart and coupled with their senior associated resources can provide cost effective assistance and advice to their clients.

The following provides a more detailed description of these valuable services available to our clients.

“Business Health Check” Business Assessments

  • All companies and/or divisions within larger companies need to periodically determine the condition of their firm wide processes and how “healthy” they are. Beechwood Advisory Group, Inc. (BAGI) provides this service in an efficient and timely manner through its “Business Health Check” Tool and methodology.  “Business Health Check” provides to the company or division a strategic view of how their Business Processes, System Enablers (typically IT systems), and Organization/ People are doing and interacting to provide the greatest value to the customers and the business entity.
  • The “Business Health Check” Tool is like a yearly physician physical It can identify problems before they become major and provide insights into what might be causing them and how to correct them. The results of this “Business Health Check” are presented to management and include detailed observations, metrics relating to the health of the business, systems, and organization, and identified improvement areas including their costs/ benefits. This objective “Business Health Check” enables the management team to correct problems before they get to be big which could lead to costly concerns or reduced customer service and revenue.

Business Improvement

  • Whether identified through a “Health Check” Tool review or as identified by the company/ division, Beechwood Advisory Group, Inc. can help execute any desired process changes or improvement opportunities with its highly experienced and knowledgeable resources.   This “full project” service offering can entail Business Strategy Services and/or Improving Operations services as dictated by the business needs and desires.
  • BAGI only utilizes very experienced and senior resources but does not charge “partner rates” for such services. Rates and charges are fully transparent with no surprises for our clients. This provides a very attractive cost to benefit ratio for our clients.
    • Business Strategy Services
    • Beechwood Advisory Group Inc. can provide Business Planning, Business Strategy Development, and Enabling Systems Strategy/ Planning/ Facilitation services. As an independent outside firm that does not do large system implementation and is not tied with any vendor or systems implementer, BAGI provides  an unbiased perspective to determine a system or strategic solution consistent with the client’s needs.

    • Improving Operations
    • Beechwood Advisory Group Inc. assists our clients in improving their operations through understanding and improvement in Business Process, Enabling Systems, and Organization/ People.  This is done through careful business analysis/ design and implementation as required/ requested. When combined with the ability to also add Change Management, Organizational Design/ Improvement, and Interim Management as required, Beechwood Advisory Group can provide very cost effective improvement to organizations.

Subject Matter Expert/ Project Augmentation

  • Beechwood Advisory Group, Inc. through its network can provide subject matter experts and/or project augmentation services.  This can be extremely valuable for industries where seasonality or new projects result in the lack of internal resources that can lead to loss of revenue or market advantage.  Instead, BAGI resources can provide the knowledge and assistance to augment the client project team or teams in getting the job done without the usual hiring/ firing cycle that can occur.
  • Additionally, the BAGI resources can be used as flexible resources for use in different departments within a client to help both on project work as well as resource balancing as needed.
  • Another area of extreme value is when a new internal venture is being proposed, BAGI resources can be utilized to provide the short to medium term resources until the new venture is vetted and more permanent resources can be added. This prevents the all too prevalent problems of not proceeding with the venture since resources are not available, or having to hire at a cost disadvantage to enable and verify the venture, and then if unsuccessful, having to re-assign or worse, terminate the newly hired all at significant costs.


    Beechwood Advisory Group, Inc. has experience in many industries, including the following general industries:

  • Consumer Goods Industries
    • In the Consumer Goods Industries, BAGI has performed all of our services to many of the Fortune 500 as well as small to medium sized businesses.

  • Oil & Gas industries
    • In the Oil & Gas Industries, BAGI has performed all of our services for U.S. and International majors.  This has also included joint venture and “Greenfield” business process determination as well as specific project resource augmentation.

  • Communications and Electronics Industries
    • For the Communications and Electronics Industries, BAGI can provide specialized services that can help clients and their suppliers in innovative ways.  This can result in higher revenue potential and reduced costs.  The Communications and Electronics Industry due to its fluid nature and cyclical/ seasonal patterns must be able to quickly adjust and BAGI through its resource pool can help support these adjustments in a cost effective manner.

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